Our RAISE THE BARRE Progress Fund is purposefully distributed to the areas of greatest need within the organization, such as:

• Attracting world class talent to Fort Wayne
• Incorporating live music into our performances and classes
• Sharing our art with this community and beyond through a variety of educational and outreach programs
• Maintaining modern, safe facilities
• Hiring some of the industry’s most qualified instructors
• Expanding the programming of the Auer Academy



Make your check out
to Fort Wayne Ballet
and mail to 300 E. Main Street,
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Fort Wayne Ballet relies heavily on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to continue our mission. Donating to the Annual Fund establishes a brighter future not only for our organization, but for our community.

Join the movement — support Fort Wayne Ballet with your gift today. Our dancers thank you!
For more information, contact our Chief Development Officer, Clarissa Reis, at


Members of this leadership group enjoy exclusive perks and rewards including VIP events, receptions, studio rehearsal access, backstage tours, and more. Please review our Diaghilev Society materials or contact Clarissa at 260.484.9646 or email

Fort Wayne Ballet gives a standing ovation to the Founders Circle of our Diaghilev Society. Circle members are forever recognized as the visionaries who launched Fort Wayne Ballet’s Diaghilev Society and created a lasting legacy.

Richard E. Baker
David L. and Janet S. Bell
Jennifer A. Bell

Hope Huber
Barry and Carol Labov
Janet Leezer and Todd Opacinch
Richard and Sharon Leezer
Carol and Duane Lupke

Dave and Cheryl McComb
Mike and Jeanne Mirro
Rifkin Family Foundation
Morrie Sanderson and Amanda Kinneman
Jeanette Schouweiler

The Steck Family
Chuck and Lisa Surack
Donald F. Wood & Darlene M. Richardson Foundation

Interested in furthering your commitment to Fort Wayne Ballet?
Click here to learn about our Leave A Legacy program,  
an extension within the Diaghilev Society.

Shop and Donate

Sign up for one or all three of these great shopping options below and proceeds will go to Fort Wayne Ballet. Simply link it and shop as normal.

Visit Amazon Smile.
Sign into your Amazon account, and select Fort Wayne Ballet as your charity.

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Visit Kroger Community Rewards. Register/sign in with your Kroger Card. Fort Wayne Ballet’s organization number is PC780

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Kroger Community Rewards


Donate stock to Fort Wayne Ballet! We work with Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Contact Clarissa at for instructions.

Thank you to our Diaghilev Society members for their continued leadership and generosity
to Fort Wayne Ballet:

IMPERSARIO CIRCLE | Gifts of $10,000 and greater

Richard E. Baker
Hope Huber
Richard and Sharon Leezer
Dave and Cheryl McComb


ARTISTIC DIRECTOR CIRCLE | Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

David L. and Janet S. Bell
Jennifer A. Bell
Barry and Carol Labov
Janet Leezer and Todd Opacinch
The Lupke Family Foundation
Mike and Jeanne Mirro
Rifkin Family Foundation
Morrie Sanderson and Amanda Kinneman
Jeanette Schouweiler
Robert, Carrie and Bobbi Steck
Chuck and Lisa Surack
Donald F. Wood & Darlene M. Richardson Foundation


CHOREOGRAPHER CIRCLE | Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Dr. Kevin Berning
Bob and Liz Hathaway
Diane Humphrey
Summit Brands


BENEFACTOR CIRCLE | Gifts of $1,500 to $2,499

David Lupke
Spencer Feighner
Moira Harding and Raymond Parmer
Rick and Penney Phillips
Sue and Matt Wojewuczki
Dr. Judy and Steven Zacher



Thank you to our Raise the Barre  campaign contributors for their support:

PRINCIPAL | Gifts of $500 to $1,499

Tim and Libby Ash
RJ Benninghoff
Anita and Bix Benson
Rose-Aimee Butler
Cathy Christoff
Thom Chumney
Lorri Courtney
Jane and Irwin Deister
Joni and Ron Dick
George Donner
John Shoaf and Julie Donnell
Nick Ehinger
Clayton Ellenwood

Nick Ehinger
Janice H. Eplett
Mike and Renee Favo
Kristin Giant
Jeff and Laura Giles
Edward Hartung
Dan and Joyce Herstad
Tammy and Joe Hyndman
Ginny and Bill Johnson
Sebastian Kleber
Joseph and Cheryl Ley
Joan and Tom Marcuccilli
Rick and Penney Phillips

Charles and Lou Ann Presti
Helen and Jason Row
Larry Rowland
Karen Rathburn and Peter Schepis
Nancy Schepis
Eleanore Steward
Nancy and David Stewart
Lisa and Ted Storer
Eric Tippmann
Baron and Mary Lou Whateley
Todd and Jennifer Wilson
Bruce and Jan Wright

SOLOIST | Gifts of $250 to $499

Jon Allmandinger
Jason Brooks
Rachel and Jamie Chang
Maureen Ciocca
Leah Davis
Ben Eisbart
EPCO Products Inc.
Janet and Michael Ettensohn
Al and Lisa Farlow

Dr. Valerie Lake and Jeffrey Faulstich
G. William Fishering
Betsy and Geoffrey Gephart
Bradley and Stephanie Gough
Eleonora Pokhitonova Hartung
Dorothy Kittaka
Tod Kovara
Louise Larsen
Judith A. and William C. Lee

Rob Miller
Karen Myers
Joseph Platt
Rachel Starr
Dr. Amy Thomas
Ann Wallace and Mark Troutman
Brandi and Todd Walker
Galen Yordy
Maurice Zahm

CORPS de BALLET | Gifts of $100 to $249

Adelman Family Philanthropic Foundation
Meghan and Matthew Andrews
Kim Baker
Crystal and Chris Banks
Matt and Megan Bennett
Lenka and Steve Bercot
Win Boon
Jeanne and Kevin Burnett
Bill and Anita Cast
Lori Chokenea
Margita and Robert Criswell
Chris Clontz
Marie Crowder
Jaylon Daniels
Susan Devito
Anita Dunlavy
Dave Echenoz
Annie Eckrich
Janet and Michael Ettensohn
Daniel C. Ewing
Linda Gaff
Susyn GiaQuinta

Dr. Robert and Connie Godley
Mandy Hall
Jane and Tom Hoffman
Susan and Franklin Johnson
Mindy and Michael Jordan
Pamela and Kevin Kelly
Sally Klimer
Kathryn Kleber
Robert and Margaret Klingenberger Charitable Fund
Amanda and William LaSalle
Pam and Ron Laux
Li-Ming and David Liu
Barbara and Harry Manges
Pat and Jim Marcuccilli
Sandi and Patrick May
Melisa McCann
Shelby and Jon McFann
Cindy and Mitch McKinney
Susan and David Meyer
Drs. April and Charles Morrison
Assem Nasr

Gayla Norris
James Williams and John O'Connell
Laura Ramsey
Ann and Richard Robinson
Janet Roe
Emily and Matt Roussel
Mary and Jim Roussel
Shea Rutherford
Christy Sandmaier
Kim Sagami
Jeanette and Jim Schmidt
Monica Senk
Charles and Amanda Sheperd
Sarah Stackhouse
Sally and Doug Stitzer
Ashley Stoneburner
Marli Thomas
Norma and Jim Todd
Carrie Tritz
Linda Wellman
Audra Wilcoxson
Laura and William Wilson
Virginia Zimmerman

 |   Donors noted as of January 5, 2021   |