Peter rabbit

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Poor Peter Rabbit! His curiosity and appetite for Mr. McGregor’s tasty vegetables will get him in trouble, his mother warns. But Peter doesn’t listen and barely escapes, losing his little blue jacket!

Peter Rabbit:  Sophie Reynolds
Mama Rabbit:  Kate Hargens
Flopsy:  Tabi Wolf
Mopsy:  Olivia Johnson
Cotton-Tail:  Alexa Bremer


Benjamin Bunny:  Faith Button
Mr. McGregor:  Leo Walker


Queen Bee:  Sophia Francke
Bees:  Grace Gephart, Harper Kuzen
Garden Gnomes:  Ellis Baron, Leah Thomas
Field Mouse:  Harper Kurzen
Cat:  Grace Gephart


Carrots: Ella Emrick, Ana Pelance, Shiloh Petersen, Ella Wolf
Radishes: Isabel Hoffer, Yevva Ireland, Bianca Parra
Peas in a Pod: Danny Button, Rocco O’Reilly, Kate Potter



Staged and Directed by Lauren Ettensohn & Leah Wolfe
Sets by Chris Banks
Costumes by Nan Possemato with Anna Hess
Music by Amin Bhatia, Dominic Lewis, Ari Posner, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

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