Bear witness to this demonic tale of Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, who travels to Transylvania to conclude a real estate transaction. His destination: Castle Dracula. With his head filled with warnings and blessings for his eternal soul, Harker’s adventures turn dark as he realizes he’s a prisoner facing even darker forces. How will it all end? … and who gets the last bite?

Dracula     David Claypoole

Jonathan Harker     Talbot Rue

Mina Harker     Amanda Eve Carrick

Van Helsing     Thomas Caleb Roberts

Lucy Westenra     Amber Baily

Arthur Holmwood     Brandon Penn

Dr. Jack Seward     Zion Harris

Quincy Morris     Chad Young


Weird Sisters
Jordan Stevens with Tatum Farlow and Babette Hunter


Child     Matias Parra


Maids     Avalou Burns, Hannah Knorr


Alexis Arria, Samantha Berry, Katie Brown,
Cailin Kluttz, Lindsay Navarre, Grace Sauls


Rachel Aron, Avalou Burns, Alexandra Chumney,
Jessica Humphrey, Hannah Knorr, Saki Morimoto,
Maddie Opacinch, Brandon Penn, Madison Riemen,
Thomas Caleb Roberts, Carmie Schiano Nelson,
Ashleigh Sewell, Graeham Toomey, Leah Wolfe,
Chad Young, Abby Zinsser


TK Armour, Cailin Kluttz, Maddie Opacinch,
Allen Sizemore, Graehm Toomey

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