#FWBTogether – A way to be together even when we are apart

While Fort Wayne Ballet and the rest of the world works to “flatten the curve” of the global coronavirus pandemic, your Fort Wayne Ballet is still actively working to feed the spirit and spark the imagination through dance.

Check out our programming below to say connected with your Fort Wayne Ballet

Before all else, a note of thanks to our audiences, donors, and fans both near and far.
Your tremendous support has allowed us to continue dancing through these trying times.  Click here to see all the faces of Fort Wayne Ballet in this special Thank You video.


Our #TutuTuesday videos feature the professional dancers of Fort Wayne Ballet tackling everyday tasks but with a dancer’s flare! Click each theme below to view.

Bedtime Routines shows how to prepare for a restful and successful night of beauty sleep.

Look in as our dancers stir up something new in our Cooking Video

We have broadened our horizons to combat cabin fever with a few Outdoor Sports 

We can’t FURget about the Furry Friends that keep us company during quarantine

Every car gets a tune up in this Car Edition of TutuTuesday.

Everyone needs a house spick and span while in quarantine! This Cleaning Video shows how with the poise of a dancer.


These videos feature our dancers with their favorite workout routines. Check them out below and follow along at home!

Talbot Rue helps tone and strengthen your body with a fun circuit workout

Tatum Farlow fires up the whole body with a fun cardio/toning series

Dancer Brandon Penn turned up the tunes and gave us a perfect full body workout

Mara Gordon touches on  arms, legs, and abs 

Dancer, Sam Booth, torches our arms and abs  in this at-home workout


Play a game of “Guess Who” with these adorable photos of our professionals as tiny dancers. Click each link below for a different set of pictures to check out!

Throwback Thursday  Post 5 

Throwback Thursday   Post 4 

Throwback Thursday  Post 3 

Throwback Thursday   Post 2

Throwback Thursday  Post 1 


On Fridays throughout our season, company dancers release newly choreographed works. All works were filmed and produced by the dancers and created while dancing from home.

“unhurried” by Tatum Farlow 
– her first Fort Wayne work.

“In Jest” by Leah Wolfe
– This piece explores the beauty in and around our city of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“Somewhere to Nowhere” by Babette Lam
– “Doors opening and closing like our thoughts getting tired and stuck, left alone with what we often try to cover up. Hoping and wishing but not knowing when we’ll get to leave our new nowhere to open the doors to our old somewhere.”

“Digitally Stitched” by Saki Morimoto
– Fort Wayne Ballet’s second choreographic work created in isolation.

“scrubbies.” by Jordan Stevens
– exploring movement in water

 “Familiar Distance” by Jocelyn Magons
– our first choreographic work created in isolation. “With the current status of the world, our spirit for dance can only shine brighter. We stepped out of our comfort zones and into the sun so we could dance with each other, like we used to do everyday. Hence the title: ‘Familiar Distance.’ Though we are far from one another, our love for our art brings us together.” – Choreographer and Dancer, Jocelyn Magons

A nod to our production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream featuring Hermia. Let this sprightly solo and music take you away to a warm “midsummer” night.


Follow this series of weekend videos featuring our dancers and activities for all including story time, tutorials and more!

Dancer, Jordan Stevens, takes us through her tips and tricks for a PERFECT performance bun. Then, she even shows us a fun braid that is great for class or the grocery.

Dancer, Lindsay Navarre, takes us to the Land of the Sweets! There is even fun commentary by her son, Mason. Enjoy story time of “The Nutcracker” through the eyes of Lindsay and Mason!!

Alexandra Chumney, takes us through her tips and tricks for two versions of a PERFECT French Twist.

Join Rena Bernardini for a Healthy Oat Crêpes!

Dancer, Hayley McRoy, will read “The Sleeping Beauty” and will then lead a 5-minute creative movement class.

Dancer, Amanda Carrick, takes us to the Fairy World and leads us through “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and a creative movement class. Click for Story Time

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