Academy Showcase 2021

We hope you enjoy our Academy Showcase — it’s the perfect encore performance for our 2020-2021 Season.

It’s been an especially challenging year for classrooms of all types, but we are especially proud of our students, teachers, and supportive parents. 


THANK YOU for being part of the Auer Academy of Fort Wayne Ballet!


A special note of Thanks to our dedicated faculty:

Amber Bailey
David Claypoole
Lauren Ettensohn
Tatum Farlow
Eleonora Pokhitonova Hartung
Cailin Kluttz
Nurzhan Kulybaev
Lindsay Navarre
Carmie Schiano Nelson
Maddie Opacinch
Jordan Stevens
Tracy Tritz
Natalya Vyashenko
Leah Wolfe


… and to our Accompanists:

Nikolay Todorinov

Elena Bardi