Online Classes

Academy Zoom Classes

The Auer Academy of Fort Wayne Ballet is happy to begin Zoom classes Monday, March 30th. Your URL links will be emailed to you soon. Please see Zoom PDF schedule below for class times:

Zoom Schedule

NEW: Move, Groove, and Zoom with Fort Wayne Ballet! 

We are offering four FREE community Zoom classes for all ages and abilities to enjoy. Simply click the link at least 5 minutes before class to join. No equipment is required, however a mat can be used in Stretch & Tone, Pilates, and Yoga.

  • Mondays 11:00-11:30 am // Creative Dance (3-6 yr. olds) with Jordan Stevens

Pre-Recorded Online Classes

Below are pre-recorded online classes that can be viewed at any time. All students currently enrolled in the Auer Academy of Fort Wayne Ballet have been emailed a password.

If you are not a current student and would like access, please click to purchase a class!

  • 15 minute total – Creative Dance with Ms. Jordan and Ms. Hayley
  • 20 min – Ballet 1 and 2 with Ms. Natalya
  • 40 min – Ballet 3 and 4 with Ms. Natalya
  • 40 min – Ballet 5 and 6 with Ms. Natalya
  • 60 min – Pre-Professional Ballet with Ms. Karen
  • 40 min – Pre-Professional Ballet with Mr. Nurzhan
  • 13 min – Pre-Class Warm Ups with Dancer: Tatum
  • 30 min – Stretch and Tone with Ms. Karen

Happy Dancing!

Creative Dance


These classes are for Joy of Dance (3 years old), Fun ‘n’ Dance (4 years old), Creative I (5 years old), and Creative II (6 years old).

Ballet 1 & 2

Ballet 3 & 4

Ballet 5 & 6

Pre-Professional Ballet

Pre-Class Warm Ups

Stretch and Tone

A Note from Ms. Karen:

As you dance with us at home, please make sure you:

  1. Are in a safe space: nothing to hit, knock off a counter or trip on as you dance.
  2. Have decent flooring: (options in preferential order) carpet, wood/laminate, tile or concrete is the least optional.
  3. Watch your head when you jump.

These videos are prepared to help you maintain your health and fitness in dance during this unusual time when we are not able to work together in person. In the classroom with a teacher is always the best way to learn to dance. We all look forward to being together in the studios again very soon.